Monday, January 1, 2001

A Little About Dave

I am Dave Dangerfield. I am an auctioneer, professional appraiser and antiques dealer with over 35 year experience in the industry. I started in the antiques business in the 1970's and quickly became known as the "quilt man" because of the large number of vintage quilts that I bought and sold. I currently provide professional appraisals to individuals, do public speaking events discussing antiques and collectibles, conducct public auctions and of course buy and sell antiques / collectibles.

My speaking events usually cover a broad range of discussion on antiques and collectibles, I often include stories about the successes and failures that I have experienced in my adventures in being a dealer / auctioneer.

This blog is designed to help you in gain insight into the antiques and collectibles business. So stay tuned and send your photo's and questions to find out if you should CASH IT, STASH IT OR TRASH IT!!

If you have any questions about something that you own email me at dave.dangerfield@yahoo.com . Please make sure to include photo's of your items. I will try to put as many as possible on the blog. We also buy antiques, perform public auctions and do speaking events.

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  1. this is the most intriguing and unique blog I ever saw!
    I am going to take a little tour.