Friday, June 22, 2012


The tire is fixed, $158.00 at Sears.

I didn't get to drink the Crown Royal.  It seems that people actually collect the bottles.  Off to Ebay.  Hopefully to bring enough money to pay for the tire.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I purchased this really cool 1960's bamboo bar today at a garage sale.  After purchasing it I manhandled it onto the back of my trailer, towed it 30 miles, flipped it upside down and over the railing of the trailer and then found the bonus...a full bottle of Crown Royal. 

I really don't drink very much (less than 6 nights a week) but finding an unexpected bonus like this can lead to good things.  Now I know that it isn't a diamond ring, but my usual fare comes in a box that costs less than $15.00 and contains approximately 8 bottles of this size.

Hopefully, this stuff is still good.  I'm going to test it out on the dogs first, just in case.

Sears, Can You Fix This?

I decided to go to an auction in Pennsylvania today and ran into a little problem.  It seems that bolts and tires don't mix together very well.  As I was driving along I80 a slight clicking sound was emanating from my truck.  I suspected that one of the tires on my trailer was making the noise, wrongo, it was my rear truck tire, a rear truck tire with a 3" bolt stuck in it.

Fortunately, I'm cheap.  So cheap that I am the guy that everyone bitches about on the highways.  I've found out that my gas mileage is 20% higher when I drive 55, so I do.  In this case it was a double blessing, I got the gas mileage and when the tire blew I didn't end upside down in the median. 

Well, I missed the auction.  Thank you AAA for your prompt service. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Clover Knitting Needle Case

What knitter wouldn't want to have one of these babies laying around waiting to be used. Storing the needles properly is an important thing. At over 18" long this would keep even the most particular knitters satisfied. The mid section can be readied for use by gentle grabbing it with both hands and wiggling it open. One open the hollow shaft is revealed for storing your needles. The head can be popped off to reveal even more storage.

  Its handsome design makes it perfect for displaying for your family and friends, can't all of you imagine how proud the owner would be to have this standing tall in their knitting bag. I tried to determine if there were any alternative uses for it, after all re purposing is a great way to add saleability to an item.

Here a few of my ideas (most of them do make it necessary to stick it into some type of hole);

1. Use it to plug up those pesky chipmunk holes. Its just about the right size and would prevent them from destroying your bushes.

2. Flower planting, use the pointed end to open up the ground for planting. One push and the annuals could go in.

3. It could be used as a toy, after all it does look like a rocket ship.

Any other suggestions? Send them to me, I promise I'll post them and give you full credit for them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

International Harvester Watch Fob

I've taken a little time off from blogging because I just plain needed a break. It seems like I've been on the run almost constantly for the last few months and the blog was the thing that suffered.

  But, I'm back... It seemed like a really good buy. Forty five watch fobs for just a few dollars. Perfect for Ebay, I thought that making money on these would be easy. Afterall they were inexpensive, easy to list, easy to ship and pretty cool looking. How could I go wrong?

The primary problem is very simple, I hate listing things on Ebay. I continually purchase things like this thinking, "I'll put them on, everyone will love them and I'll make loads of money." It usually doesn't work out this way. What really happens is I buy the items, throw them into my storage barn and then promptly forget about them. The next step, because I've forgotten about them, they accidentally end up in a big box and ultimately get sold at a local junk auction. Instead of making money, I loose.

The moral of the story, don't buy it unless you are able to follow through on the sale. I too often end up loosing money due to my inability to follow through on the selling end of the business. I'm working on it, but old habits die hard.