Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fisher Tuner

This is a fine example of an item that is not "antique" in the purest sense of the word but definately falls into the you want to have one category. This is a vintage piece of stereo equipment from when we were all rocking out to Cheap Trick and The Who. Most stereo equipment falls into the trash category. This includes mom and dad's consule stereo unit and a majority of 8 trak players. This Fisher tuner is an exception to the rule.


High quality 1970's electronic equipment is very collectible and usable. Collectors are really seeking out and paying high dollar amounts for this type of equipment. So make sure you talk to mom to see what she did with your old stereo tuner. If it didn't get sent to Goodwill you will be able to turn it into $200.00!

Oh yeah, if you were smart enough to keep all of the original manuals and box add another $50.00

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