Friday, June 4, 2010

Roseville Sunflower Vase

Roseville pottery is widely collected, very sought after pottery. Most Roseville pottery is marked. This makes identifying it very easy for the novice antique dealer collector. It is usually a simple matter of turning the piece upside down and looking for the Roseville markings. USUALLY, but not always. Some of the most desirable pieces of pottery contain no markings whatsoever. So how do you identify it?

Books, books, books. You can learn by trial and error, you can learn by asking a lot of questions to people who hopefully like you or you can break down and buy a book. This is a case of needing a book with a great number of good photo's so that you can begin to identify the elusive unmarked pieces. Sunflower is a line of Roseville that is often to always not marked. The only way you will really know is to have seen a piece of it previously, best place, a book. Second to the book is the Internet. Once you know a line name, go to ebay to further your education.

This little piece of sunflower would sell quickly in the $400 range. It could easily be missed by someone with an untrained eye. So invest in good books. My library currently consists of over 300 books on subjects from cookie jars to slot machines. Average cost of a new book $40.00. Average cost of not educating yourself, priceless.

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