Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oak "C" Roll Top Desk

Yesterday, I attempted to begin the discussion on how much pricing has changed in the last few years. Today, I am going to give a prime example of just how much the value has changed. Oak roll top desks were a top value item in antique shops and auctions up until the last few years.

At one time a desk like this would easily fetch $600 to 700! But not anymore. I purchased this desk at a public auction on Monday for a whopping $33.00. I would gladly sell it for $100.00. Why such a great change in value?

#1. It is too damn big. Most people don't have the room in their homes.

#2. Computers and printers don't fit on them.

#3. Antique oak furnishings are down in general.

So why did I buy it? First of all I can be a little compulsive. I just cannot resist torturing myself with over sized items that are difficult to move, store and sell. Second, the auctioneer looked at me! Yes, that's right, he looked at me. It is amazing how the simple suggestion of a "look", you know the one, "Gee willikers this sure seems cheap" from an auctioneer can suddenly make you throw caution to the wind and raise your hand up. Third, I was bored. This is another great reason to make yourself work too hard for your money.

So if anyone out there has a hankering for an oak "C" roll top desk at a bargain price, all you have to do is look on http://www.craigslist.com/ in Youngstown, Ohio, in the antiques column. I can tell you that the dealer (idiot) selling it is considering all offers.

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