Friday, July 15, 2011


Over ten feet and still counting. The snow this year just doesn't want to stop. I thought that last year was bad when we had over 30 inches in one night. This year is a different story it just seems to be snowing continuously. Today when I woke up 8 fresh inches coated everything from my car to the fine antiques and collectibles that were sitting on the back of my trailer.

The first two hours of my day is being spent relocating all of this snow. Two hours on the driveways (mine, my neighbors (because I'm a nice guy), my mothers, then Uncle Joe's). Uncle Joe's always takes the longest because shoveling the snow just isn't enough. Afterwords, I must talk to him, then talk to his wife, then talk to the care givers, then take him to Dunkin Doughnut's. I really don't know who's crazier, him or me.

After the snow comes the trip down to my storage building to unload the trailer. I really should have done it last night but the minus 15 degree temperature and 20 mile an hour winds convinced me that morning would be better. Wrong again, its still minus 15 the wind is now 3o mph and of course 8 inches of snow. Oh yeah, the building has no heat or electricity. It is however a bargain to rent. The added bonus is that the mice know that good nesting materials are avialable in the barn and they take advantage of it.

Now that I am sufficiently frozen I'll start the next part of my day, warming up. Since my wife works going home isn't really an effective option so I head to my favorite hangout, McDonald's. The golden arches supply me with a decent cup of hot chocolate. This along with the outstanding help (tattoo's covering every part of their body, unusual odors, greasy hair and dirty clothing) make it the perfect place to "warm" up.

The next part of my day will be spent going to a couple of local "weekly" auctions. Today's fare is typical of this time of year, lawnmowers, kids toys and broken furnishings fill the buildings. Unfortunately, everyone has the same problem, the people of the state of Ohio go into hibernation in the winter time. The only active ones are the finest antiquers in the world, the garbage can pickers. Their motto: "No Hefty left unopened!", is proven by the quality of the merchandise that shows up at these auctions.

Finally, home again. I'll watch TV, pet the dog and maybe drink a glass of wine. Winter is GRAND!

Moral of the story: Quit complaining about how hot it is.

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