Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guns, Nazi Helmets, Military and Weapons

Tomorrow is the big day! We have been preparing for this auction and Saturdays antiques sale for over 6 weeks. This sale has plain been a lot of work. Hopefully the payoff will be there for both the sellers and myself. The truth is, you just plain never know.

This sale has some great items, a Nazi SS helmet, an army dagger from a battle of the bulge hero, great guns and greater swords and daggers. Saturday is another great auction. It is full of clocks, jewelry, sterling, furnishings and nautical items. If any of you have the time try to show up. If you don't at least take a look at the photo's and auction listing for the two days. You will see some items that just don't turn up everyday.

To see the sale listings go to www.auctionzip.com and then put in 44077 for the zip code and dangerfield as the key word. It should return the two auctions that we are holding this week. I will do some followup on the final selling prices during the next two weeks. Thanks to all of you for your patience the last couple of weeks. I hope to begin posting regularly next week ( after I sleep in for three days straight and try to rediscover my golf swing! ).

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