Wednesday, September 14, 2011

iS it tRaSH Or iS IT TReaSuRE?

We went to an auction today. No real surprises there since I go to multiple auctions almost every day. What was special about today's auction? Absolutely nothing. But on the other hand I haven't been very diligent about posting lately so I might as well tell you about what I did today.

It has been crazy busy. It seems as though the number of auctions that have been being held is just phenomenal. I can literally go to auctions from the time that I get up (well not quite, it seems the rest of the world thinks that 5:00 am is a little too early) until the time that I go to bed (another lie, since I'm tired from getting up at 5:00). So why all the action?

Its really simple, auctions are the easiest way to get rid of a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. No other method of selling can get you results as quickly as an auction. In our area auction prices seem to be going wild. Partly because of the influx of stuff (from the multitude of auctions happening) and partly due to the extreme overabundance of television shows depicting the massive amount of money that everyone is making by going to them.

Today for me was fun. My wife Stephanie got up early with me on her day off and away we went. It was a 60 mile drive to the auction that was held in West Virginia. The town located along the Ohio River, contained two old buildings full of antiques (junk). Kiko Auctioneers from the Canton,Ohio provided the auction services. West Virginia provided the scenery. The local people provided the competition. The seventy year old wearing a purple thong provided the sexual tension (it was like a car wreck...you just had to look). I just spent money.

My purchases included a Hire's Root Beer barrel dispenser, a 12 gallon decorated stoneware crock, porcelain signs, an old oak alarm system box, an oak candy dispenser and 30+ metal storage containers. Will I make some money on this pile of junk? I think so, but there are no guarantees. I took a few photo's of the truck filled with this stuff because I thought you might find it interesting. Oh yeah, we stopped off to deposit a few quarters(pennies) in the slot machines at Mountaineer Casino's on the way home. We should have kept on going.

Anyways the antiques (junk) will be for sale at the Springfield Antiques Extravaganza (flea market would have been enough) this Friday. So if your in the area, stop on by and take some of these antiques (junk) off of my hands.

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