Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End Tables

Not very interesting today, but very practical. End tables. They like many items are in virtually every home. This set was in a mahogany finish, with a gently flowing cabriole leg. The set was in perfect condition and as a bonus, made by a known manufacturer, Drexel. Originally purchased for close to $500 for the set they should be considered by anyone looking to make money.

Maybe not. One thing that you have to keep in mind when buying things like used furniture is, how much of this type of furniture is actually available. When you are driving home from work today, count the number of homes that you pass. For the majority of you it will be several hundred. Then think about the fact that most (probably close to 90% ++) of these homes have a set of end tables in them. Then come to a rational conclusion, high availability / average demand equals low price.

I sold this set for seventy five dollars. Five hundred new, seventy five used. Whenever you have items that are widely available with average or below average demand, figure low resale prices. On the plus side if you are looking for stands (or other common items), patience will usually get you something good for a low price. I actually purchase this set for $35 at a local auction. Ultimately, the trick is to be aware; buy low / sell moderate.

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