Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Enameled Mesh Purse

Sorry about the delay in doing some posts from the Pittsburgh show. Dealing with sick relatives has been the order of the week.

Enameled mesh purses are in a category of antiques that can just plain drive you crazy. I have watched and purchased this type of purse since my early days as a dealer. The problem is, has been, and will always be inconsistency. It seems that the prices for these purses changes more often and quicker than any other item that is available. I've seen these sell for hundreds, and I've seen them sell for dollars.

Lately they seem to be on the low middle side. This particular purse was in very good condition. I would expect it to sell for around $75.00. I wish that I could have told the person when the best time to sell it would be, I can't. The next one that I see sell will probably go for $250. It is sometimes a fickle market. Purses can be the most fickle of all.

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