Monday, July 9, 2012

I Was Walking Down The Street One Day...

This evening I decided to take the dogs for a walk around the block.  They were their usual uncooperative selves, sniffing, peeing and pooping with reckless abandon.  But, as luck would have it it was trash day and my dogs love to look at trash cans...so do I.

As the walk progressed I couldn't help noticing a particularly interesting pile of trash.  Stacked high and scattered across the devil strip (tree lawn in everywhere but N.E. Ohio) was an incredible offering of interesting trash.  I nonchalantly peered into the receptacles as the two dogs did their thing.  After some delicate maneuvering of some interesting smelling items with what appeared to be a bunch of wiggling yellow worms all over it when I discovered these albums.

You ever heard "One man's trash is another man's treasure."?  Well, here is my treasure.  Approximately 400 vintage 78 rpm Victrola records.  I quickly took the dogs home, threw them into the car and drove directly to the treasure trove.  Five minutes later I was at home.  It took a some time to take off all of the little worms (the dogs seemed to really like them, they must have tasted good) and after a quick analysis, I determined that my walk with the dogs was going to be profitable. 

Assuming that there are no rare classics involved I should be able to turn them over for around $100.  Not bad for an evening walk...and the little dogs got a special treat too!!

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