Monday, November 7, 2011

Great time to sell on the internet, but the shipping is for the dogs!

So you have all discovered how good selling is on the Internet this time of year, there's only one problem......shipping.

The selling part is fun! You watch the final minutes of your online auction tic away, and then, hooray! Your item sells for 10 times more than you expected. You are excited beyond belief until you find out that your winning bidder is (insert drum roll):

Hakeem Obongolotsasuttamonga
ak45wx Conanamachalingo
Marakesh, Congo, East Nevagonafindit

That's right, Hakeem did not read your listing that you ship to the U.S. only, in addition he thinks that your free shipping label, includes him in Nevagonafindit. Put this together with the fact that you had 78 other items close at the same time and the problems really start to mount. And, if all of that wasn't enough, the postal office is behind in getting you those "free" shipping boxes. So what do you do?

You get help, any help that you can. At our house we came up with a simple solution, we gave the shipping job to "Gus". He is pictured here getting ready for this weeks shipping. On the bad side the lack of an opposable thumb makes it difficult for him to use the tape dispenser. On the positive side he works for biscuits.

As it turns out, Hakeem did not want to pay the additional $168 in shipping to Nevagonafidit. So the item will be relisted and will probably sell for next to nothing...ahhh, the joys of Internet selling.

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