Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Check Your Change! Indian Head Penny

This afternoon we stopped by Giant Eagle (grocery store) to pick up a couple of last second Thanksgiving items. In my change much to my surprise was a 1905 Indian Head Penny. Indian Heads were last produced in 1909 so finding one still in circulation is pretty unusual. Thanks to the generosity of Giant Eagle and the person who spent it there I am now $4.00 ahead of where I would have been with a regular old Lincoln penny.

It may sound silly but always look at your change before you spend it. This time it was a reasonably good penny. The next time it might be a silver coin. Don't forget that silver coins are currently selling for around 25 to one. For those of you mathematically challenged a silver dime is worth $2.50, a quarter is worth $6.25 and a silver half is $12.50.

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