Friday, October 28, 2011

Singer Sewing Machine 99K

Most older sewing machines are nothing more than novel relics from the past. The world is full of Lady Kenmore's, Brothers, White's and Singer's. Virtually every home that we go into has some type of sewing machine. They are easy to overlook and most people don't even consider them when they show up at auction. So, why should we care?

Because although most machines are worthless, there are many that are not. This particular machine turned up in a household that we recently purchased. I personally have become lazy when it concerns consul type machines. They are everywhere, I normally don't even bother to take them out of the houses. Once again, in steps Stephanie (my wife). I would have put this out at the curb. As she pointed out I need to spend more time considering the value of everything and not just the things that I like.

Her quick (I didn't bother to look) look at ebay showed that these are selling for $150 to 400. The best part is they come right out of the stand, which still allows me the joy of putting something out at the curb. The bottom line is to check out everything, and don't assume that because your not interested in it that someone else may be.

Oh yeah, people will even buy parts off of them. An old freind sent his kid to college on the parts off of old sewing machines.

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