Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tsumanmi on the Mahoning River, 4.0 Earthquake Hits Youngstown

An enormous earthquake hits Youngstown, sending all of the locals into a frenzy as the Mahoning River rushed over its banks. The Tsunami created by the 4.0 quake, raged over the banks of the Mahoning creating havoc in the city of 70,000. The wave came crashing into the shoreline at an estimated 2 miles per hour setting off car alarms and disrupting the otherwise tranquil New Years Celebrations.

Local fishermen were caught off guard when the wave crashed into the shoreline upsetting fishing seats and tipping over cups filled with night crawlers. Frankie Fracking exclaimed "It was like somone throwed a rock in da water, n it made a big splash, I got wet!". His chair was seen floating down the river with hundreds of other chairs. The local economy is expected to be devastated.

The truth is...were all okay! Shaken, not stirred.

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