Thursday, April 8, 2010

And They Call Themselves Professionals

I am an auctioneer Licensed and Bonded by the Department of Agriculture in the State of Ohio. I know that the title Licensed and Bonded by the Department of Agriculture in the State of Ohio is a little on the long side but that is how we are required by law to present ourselves. The laws concerning auctions and auctioneers are both complex and strictly enforced. One law that the legislators apparently missed was the one on stupidity.

Auctioneers don't have to be smart, nor do they have to apparently be good photographers. This wonderful photo is part of an online auction that is currently being held. Shame on the auctioneer for putting on such a poor photograph. Presentation is going to be one of the major factors in the determining the final selling price. If this were a live (onsite) auction the lousy photo would not be acceptable, when its an online auction only, unspeakable.

People selling their own items on a website such as ebay can photo their items however they want. It is their own personal property and if they are willing to take a loss on it due to sloppy photography thats O.K.. In this case someone went out and hired a licensed auctioneer to sell their items. The auctioneer apparently convinced the seller that an online auction was the best option for them. I guess that they forgot to tell them about their inability to take a decent photo.

Choose your auctioneer well! Ability to call an auction is a small part of the job. Knowledge about what you are selling and obviously the ability to properly promote, in this case photograph the auction are extremely important. I may be leaving you under the impression that I am not happy about this poor example, you would be right. I guess this is an example of brutal honesty.

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