Sunday, April 18, 2010

Washing Machine meets Camera!

So, how are all of you doing? I've been remiss the last couple of days not putting up any new posts and I do have a reason (excuse). It seems that my camera came up missing. I've gotten into the habit of carrying the camera with me wherever I go. It all started with a few missed opportunities to get photo's for what I thought would be interesting stories. The common sense answer, keep your camera with you at all times. Great idea except for one thing, remember to take your camera out of your jacket pocket on wash day.

You see, my wife is a very diligent keeper of the home. Everything is clean and in order, all of the time. This is a good thing because I do not necessarily follow this same creed. I have been known to well, "put things away" by leaving them in a spot where I hope that she will not find them. In this case I foolishly left my jacket laying by the computer (on the floor in a knot), in my basement office. When wash day came, she of course picked up my "dirty" jacket and into the wash it went, camera included.
Oops! Getting old is not as fun as the commercials would have you believe. I know that everything from incontinence to denture cream awaits me but I had no clue that senility would strike so early. First, I forgot to hang up my jacket, second, I forgot about where the camera was and finally I forgot about my wife's obsession with cleanliness. The result; I'll be getting a new camera!

Although I pride myself in being able to sell just about anything this one may be beyond having a value. Maybe if it dries out a little? Any offers? Feel free to shoot me an email.

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