Sunday, April 25, 2010

Women's Underwear

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on this particular type of collectible due to my vast experience in handling them. That right! Thongs to Grannie panties I've seen them all. Every time that the opportunity arises I will examine, touch and even look inside every pair that I can possibly get my hands on. I have examined them at flea markets, auctions and garage sales. Most of the time people (women in particular) look at me with complete disgust and condemnation. That dirty old man touching women's underwear. How could he?


Everyone listen, there's money in them panties. No, I'm not talking about 5 year old used underwear. I'm talking about a little known about market for unused women's undergarments from the 1960's and earlier. Why unused? Lets not get gross here, although I'm sure that there are people with unusual fetishes that is not what this is about. It is about filling niche in the vintage/antique clothing industry. Namely Hollywood, and movie making.

Hollywood? Yes, Hollywood. Think about it. The movie industry produces hundreds of films in any particular year. Most of these films strive for complete authenticity in every facet of their production. When you watch a movie based on a 1950's theme would you expect to see a 2010 Honda Accord driving by? The answer is certainly not. The same can be said of the clothing that is used in the productions. In that same movie would you expect to see your favorite actress in a bedroom scene scantily clad in a Victoria's Secrete thong? No.

Authenticity in movies is important. The desire to be authentic extends to the dainties that the actresses wear in the roles. So guess what...there is a need for unused women's underwear. Whenever you are at a sale where old clothing is present always take a look! Amazing enough it does turn up.

How much will they pay? Well, I have sold vintage unused underwear (panties) for prices exceeding $400 a pair. Yes, I will repeat that over four hundred dollars a pair. Bra's typically sell for $50 to $200 each. It is important to note that this is for unused, mint condition undergarments. Buy it only when it is in perfect condition. Is there money in women's underwear (take your mind out of the gutter now)? An emphatic YES is the answer. Don't forget;


Clean, mint condition

With tags

1960's and earlier

Finally, you will most likely be the only person at the sale to know about this one. Because of that you will be able to buy them cheap, and coincidentally make a lot of money on them.

Cash it in!

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