Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art Newdough!

My step dad's name is Glenn. Glenn is a great guy, often he travels around with me just for the fun of it. All I have to do is call or drop in and he is immediately ready to go. Sun, rain or snow, it just doesn't matter, he loves to get out and be part of the game. He is a sometimes buyer and actually has a booth at one of the local antique malls where he sells just about anything that he can pick up and carry in. Descriptions however, not quite his thing.

I recently purchased a storage locker at a local U-Haul facility. On pick up day I called Glenn and asked if he would like to go with me "I'll be ready when you get here." was the response. A few minutes later I was at his house and true to his word he was ready to go. We made a quick stop to buy him a cup of coffee (actually a cup of sugar with some coffee flavoring added) and off to Akron for the adventures of the day.

After 20 minutes of digging through what turned out to be a very average unit, Glenn announced that "You'll do really well on these art newdough stands!". Now I really appreciate the fact that he was there to help me out, but I was a little confounded when trying to figure out just what he was looking at.

So, I pushed and pulled my way out of the back of the unit to see what a pair of art newdough stands look like. Upon seeing Glenn I inquired "newdough what?" and he immediately pointed at the stands and exclaimed "these, these art newdough stands!".

A quick glance revealed that the art newdough (art nouveau) stands (candleholders) that included an authentic "MADE IN CHINA" label were not quite up to my expectations. I simply smiled and told them that they were nice (worth a dollar or two). Later, on the drive home I rambled on about the art nouveau period, trying to impress him with my wit and expertise, I repeatedly used the word nouveau, I described what the buyers are looking for and I gave him some direction on valuations. Unfortunately it fell upon deaf ears, because he didn't hear a word that I had said. When I glanced over at him he was sound asleep with his hearing aid sitting on his lap.

So, if your ever traveling Ohio and hear an older gentlemen talking about art newdough, its Glenn and I really did try to tell him.

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  1. hahaha This is great.

    Gotta love Papa Glenn. He's one in a billion.