Thursday, January 27, 2011

Million Dollar Snoopy?

One of the topics that I cover at every appraisal show is that "If you are unsure of the value of an item get an appraisal before selling it.". I tell everyone this for one good reason, you just plain never know. When this item was presented for a appraisal some of the audience had a somewhat incredulous look on their faces. You could just see it in their eyes that they thought that the person bringing it in did not get what the "antiques" appraisal show was all about.

They were wrong. Although this ceramic snoopy was of very little to no value they were absolutely correct in having it appraised. The fact is they were following a good sense approach to an item that they owned. They did not know the value so they found out. This item appraised for a few dollars (one to be exact). The person had purchased it a garage sale thinking that it might be collectible, in this case it was not.

When you don't know, find out. Remember the next snoopy that gets appraised may be the one that's worth $1,000 (or more!).

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