Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gold Victorian Slide Chain

The photo on this Victorian era watch slide chain does not even begin to do it justice. This chain was brought to us for an appraisal at one of our shows last winter. Although it was not marked we determined that it was actually a 14k gold chain and 14k slide that contained a amethyst that was approximately 3 carats. It was to say the least impressive. This huge chain weighed in at over 8 ounces. So the question arises, just what should you do?

This is a case where due to the high value of gold in the commodities market, the scrap value is in most instances higher than the antique value. People are faced every day with having to decide on whether or not they should scrap a piece of fine antique jewelry or silver. Eight ounces of 14k gold would currently scrap for over $6000.00, antique value $3000.00. For many this is simple, turn it into the greatest amount of cash that you can. For others though, its not quite so easy.

Taking an over 100 year old work of art such as this and turning it back into a generic lump of gold, seems sacrilegious. What would grandma think? What do you think?

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