Sunday, April 3, 2011

The World is Full of Idiots

There, I've said it. The world is full of idiots. The terrible truth of it all is that these idiots even know that they are idiots. So, if you are an idiot its time for you to stop reading. But, since idiots probably cannot read anyways, nor would they understand what they were reading I'll allow all idiots to continue on with reading this idiotic article. So who are these idiots? They are anyone who would dare bid against me at an auction. Since everyone on the planet seems to bid against me at auctions I am making this blanket statement, "The world is full of idiots.".

So, do I think that everyone who reads this blog is an idiot? Have you ever bid against me at an auction? Some of you might say no, but that's only because we haven't been to the same auction at the same time, anyone who answered yes, your an idiot and reading this won't matter anyway.

The truth is some idiot bid against me on an item that I wanted at an auction today and I'm reacting like an idiot would. As an idiot myself this person is now and forever more on my least liked list. This list is just full of idiots. The idiot who bid against me on the car I bought last month, the idiot who outbid me on the set of china the other day and the idiot who in 1977 outbid me on a stereo that I wanted. These idiots and many others are on my I have to bid against them list. In short, I will overpay for items that I purchase at auction just to keep some other idiot from owning them.

Does this sound stupid? Of course it is. What I am really telling you is that in the course of auction going you will be bid up and outbid on items. The goal of this business is not revenge. It is about one thing and one thing only, MAKING MONEY. So don't let the idiots bother you. With rare exceptions there is not a single antique or collectible that will not be available to buy in the future. So why waste your time overspending just to prove a point. Raise yourself above the idiot game and concentrate on buying bargains, remember, any idiot can pay too much for something.

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