Sunday, April 10, 2011

Four Seasons Flea Market

Woke up this mornin with a wine glass in my hand...really appropriate for my first flea market of the year. For any of you who have ever been to this market having a hangover is one of the first and foremost necessities of selling there. It is simply like no other.

I loaded up my trailer with what amounted to a load of trash it items and off I went. I arrived at 7:10 am in a misty fog (the weather not me). I paid $30 for a double booth and shortly after arriving I unloaded my trailer. At first it was very slow, but once the patrons saw the wonders that I had we were off to the races. Some of the finer moments, 3 light sockets $2.00, a set of chipped up dishes $5.00, box of train parts $50.00 and on and on it went.

After 4 hours my total was $632.00, my total investment unknown. And why didn't I know? Because it was leftovers, these were items that at one time were part of a box lot that I purchased for something else. Did I sell some bargains? Absolutely, I really didn't care. Since I had very little in it all I really wanted is for it to be gone. Under normal circumstances I would have put many of these items into either the trash or I would have given it away to some unsuspecting auctioneer. Today however, Four Seasons.

So, if you are ever bored and have a pile of worthless junk head out to the local flea market. For a low cost you can usually turn junk into cash. For me today I left with a 10' x 5' foot trailer plus my mini van loaded to the brim. I came home with about 1/4 of the trailer filled the van empty and $632.00. Not bad for stuff that should have been put out to the curb. Remember one important thing, If you are selling with the intent of not bringing it home, make deals and sell cheap.

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