Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kasich Crimes

So Governor Kasick has decided that the auction industry is not exempt from his absolutey restrictive thinking. HB 114 which is for Transportation has a piece of legislation that restricts free business practices for auctioneers. It is my guess that he must have had a major campaign contributor who is in the auction industry. There is simply no logical reason to put this piece of legislation into law.

Very simply the law was snuck through as an attachment to a bill that otherwise has nothing to do with the auction industry (American politics at its best). The law states that an auctioneer must have a property of over 90 acres and a building of not less that 60,000 feet in order to conduct auctions of construction equipment. It may seem silly to many of you that I am complaining about this, but if you had told me two weeks ago that I would be conducting the sale of two model C Steinway piano's at the same time you would understand my concern.

Restricting the auction industry so that only a few individuals (or companies ) can conduct business is nothing more that pandering to your donors. A law such as this only serves to restrict trade and allow monopolies to exist. The end result will be higher cost to sellers and a very restricted market place for buyers. Plain and simple anyone who has ever considered purchasing or selling at auction should be outraged at Kasich and the Ohio Legislature for allowing such a restrictive law to be passed.

I firmly believe in Ohio auction law and fully support the Department of Agriculture in regulating those laws. I completely and fully disagree with restrictive legislation that will do absolutely nothing to improve the industry. This law achieves one thing an one thing only, it prohibits free trade.

Attached is a copy of my letter to Representatives Hagan and Gerberry, and to State Senator Schiavoni.

Mr, Gerberry,

House Bill 114 is scheduled to become effective on June 29, 2011. I was recently made aware that HB 114 has a section pertaining to auctioneers. As an auctioneer licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture I am very concerned about the restrictive nature of this bill. The legislation contains a regulation that restricts auctioneers from conducting auctions of construction equipment. It requires that auctioneers have an auction site of over 90 acres and an auction facility of over 60,000 square feet before they can conduct auctions of construction equipment.

I am not sure why this legislation ever passed. This represents a gross inequity that will allow only a very few auctioneers to conduct auctions of such equipment. Due to its highly restrictive nature I am imploring you to seek an amendment correcting this unreasonable requirement.

The auction industry is well regulated by the Department of Agriculture when it concerns the day to day operations and consumer safety. This unfair law will allow a very select group of businessmen to control (monopolize) an important section of the industry.


David Dangerfield

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