Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Storage Lockers, The WOW Factor!

The WOW factor, Darrel talks about it all of the time on Storage Wars. Today, I experienced it myself. After 3 days of diligent digging, prying and moving dirty clothing it finally happened, the big WOW!

The big WOW occurred moments after a pair of women's size 28 underwear came tumbling out of a bag directly into my face, I found this chest full of money!!! I've witnessed it on the shows but never really had it happen to me. Today was my day.

After careful examination for booby traps, hidden locks and the dreaded attack dog I gingerly opened the treasure box. I was in at state of absolute shock when the cash started tumbling out.

Three dollars and eighty cents. WOW! Almost enough to buy a Happy Meal at McDonald's.

1 comment:

  1. Wow wow wow! This is such an amazing find! Shoot, I expect you'll be taking me to dinner next weekend. Margaritas, on you?!