Monday, June 6, 2011

Steinway, Model C

Since my last posting I have had several inquiries about the Steinway. The only one so far that is worth letting you know about is a question, "How many keys does it have?".

At first I thought that this was a stupid question, because I knew that all piano's have 88 keys. But, considering that it came from several different people and that they were all experts, I had to believe that it was a valid question. So, I did some checking and as it turns out not all Steinway's have 88 keys. Many were produced with 85 keys. I would think that someone spending a lot of money on a piano would want all 88 keys so I contacted the owners and asked if they would mind counting the number of keys on their piano.

After extensive counting and using advanced accounting methods the owners determined that the piano did in fact have 88 keys. I'm hoping that the three keys are worth an additional sum of money. Still no offers, but this can be a patient mans game.

1 comment:

  1. How weird! I wonder why they did that (manufactured some with 85 keys).

    A separate note: that's an awesome photo.