Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heuer Wrist Watches

Wrist watches are one of the most overlooked collectibles in today's markets. It seems as though dealers either know them and will pay excessively for them or they don't know them at all. This is exactly why you should learn about them. Since there are such extremes in selling prices knowing when to buy can result in great profits for you. I would strongly recommend purchasing The Complete Guide to Antique Watches price guide. This is a very good book that will assist you in identifying and pricing wrist (and pocket) watches. The 2011 version can be purchased for around $25.00.
This particular Heuer wrist watch would sell for around $275.00. The condition of the watch is what effected its value the most. The watch was very well worn, with noticeable scratches on the watch and band. Keep in mind that for the most part watch collecting is done primarily by men and because of this men's watches tend to be higher priced than women's watches. Another item to pay attention to is what the watch is made of. Many quality watches are 10-14-18k gold. Typically the cases will weigh 2-4 pennyweight (not including the band) this alone would amount to $50-100 (gold content).
In future blogs I will get a little deeper into valuing watches. Pocket watches, women's watches and continuing ed on wrist watches. Today's blog is a note to you to keep your eyes open for opportunity. Later on we will get into details.

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