Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weller Glendale Bowl..."I found it in the trash!"

This Weller Glendale bowl was actually found in someones trash. One mans trash is another mans treasure? In this case it sure is. Glendale is one of the better patterns produced by Weller Pottery. Pieces of Glendale in perfect condition sell for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

This piece is in perfect condition. No chips, no cracks, no crazing and no repairs. It came with a worn original box. To be truly complete it should have a flower frog, the trashkateers must have kept the frog for organizing their pencils. The valuation on this piece would be around $500.00. A nice little profit for one person, a pretty significant loss for another.

Cheap is good, free is better. Don't be afraid to stop by that interesting pile of trash at your neighbors house. If someone asks, tell them that your down on your luck and you thought that it would make your overly ripe bananas look better. Then go out with the profits and buy yourself dinner at a nice restaurant. Cash it don't Trash it!

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