Sunday, February 6, 2011

I've Got Blisters on My Fingers, Pittsburgh Steelers of the Century

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers of the Century, Limited Edition Jersey. I am amazed that as I was touching this that I did not spontaneously burst into flames. Such is the life of a Cleveland Browns fan. To their credit the people of Pittsburgh were a fantastic group at the appraisal show that we held in conjunction with The Ohio Home Shows presentation in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. They were a fun and very well versed in the valuation of the antiques and collectibles that they brought in. But, DID THEY REALLY NEED TO BE WEARING ALL OF THOSE STEELERS JERSEYS?

Well to tell the truth, yes they did. One of these days the Browns might, maybe, hopefully win a chance to possibly get to the game (any game). For the Steelers its a yearly pilgrimage.

This type of jersey was produced for each of the teams in the NFL. These jerseys are in fact considered to be counterfeits. They are not licensed by the NFL and are of less quality, than an officially licensed jersey. Technically speaking if you were to try selling these at a local flea market they could be confiscated and impounded by law enforcement.

Reality however is a little different. It does not appears as though the NFL is actively pursuing enforcement. These jerseys are being sold on Ebay and other venues for around $45.00. So in the final analysis, if you don't care about the licensing go ahead and buy one. If being 100% legal and above board is important to you, then stay away from these and purchase items that are officially licensed by the NFL. The blisters on my fingers? Slowly healing. My ego? Destroyed.

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