Monday, February 28, 2011

How Long Will It Take?

A couple of years ago Stephanie and I took on a small booth at a local miscellaneous store called the Wizzard of Odds. We did it mostly for the fun of it but it does have the added bonus of giving us a place to sell items that we otherwise would put into an auction. I tend to put inexpensive household and antiques into the store, on this occasion I put in a 19" color television with a remote.

The first question all of you should ask is "Does it work?". The answer is yes. The TV actually gets a pretty good picture, the sound is good and the remote works. I really didn't have any type of money in the item so I priced it at a whopping $8.00. I thought it would sell quickly at that price, I was wrong.

Three weeks passed and no sale on the TV. I really wanted to get rid of it so 2 weeks ago I reduced the price, or rather I eliminated the price, I put "free" on the tag. To tell the truth I expected it to go out of the store immediately. It didn't, I couldn't believe that there were no takers.

So today I taped a dollar bill on the screen. I asked the clerks in the store to call me when someone left with the TV. So far, no takers. I'll be back at the store later this week, if it is still there I'm going to tape a $5.00 bill to it. Any guesses as to how long it will be before its gone?
My guess, 6 days.

Sorry about the photo quality, phone camera.