Saturday, March 19, 2011

45 RPM Records

I clearly remember the first 45 record that I purchased all on my own. It was at Murphy's in the Uptown area of Youngstown, the song was by Ohio Express and it was called...Yummy Yummy Yummy. OK give me a break I was 8 years old. I paid 39 cents for it and if my memory is correct it eventually became a Frisbee used in the great Record Toss War of 69.

But what is it worth today? Not much. I looked up this classic on Ebay and found the current selling price to be around $1.00. This is still almost three times its original cost but the reality of trying to make a living by selling 45 records for a dollar a piece just isn't going to work. So, should we ignore 45 records? Absolutely not. Just because Yummy Yummy Yummy doesn't sell for hundreds of dollars it is important to know that many 45's do.

Keep an eye out for early soul records. Although they are rare they do turn up. When you do find one the prices can be in the thousands. Check out Ebay and do a high to low search on 45's and learn to recognize the types of records that the collectors are looking for. If all else fails, pull out your Trutone Portable record player and dance the night away

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