Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My sister is a professional piano teacher. I remember listening to her play every day when I was a kid. There was even a time when she tried to teach me how to play, that didn't work out so well, it seems that all of the family musical talent went to her. The family piano was a painted upright that sat in the dining room of our home in Austintown, Ohio.

So, today's question is, what is the families upright piano worth? In most cases, nothing. The biggest reason that the family upright has no value is the average family can purchase an electronic keyboard for around $100. They have virtually no weight, can be put into a closet and when Jr no longer wants to play it can be put out to the curb with very little effort. On the other hand an upright piano weighs around 800 lbs, takes up an enormous amount of room and they routinely need tuned.

What I also find to be one of the great ironies of the antiques business is the huge number of pianos that you find in peoples basements. I am not sure about why anyone would want to put that large of a piece into the basement, I can guarantee that one of the considerations was not about ever moving it back out.
They are usually bargain priced because no one wants them, not even for the scrap metal in them. Absolutely stay away from them, they just aren't worth the backache.

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