Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metal Sculpture

So whaddyathink? The antiques business is full of risk takers. Some are fools, some are genius others just plain gamblers. I tend to be all three wrapped up into one. On this particular day the gambler in me showed up and in the end I will really be either the fool or the genius. This beautiful statue (6 foot tall) popped up at a local auction last week. After viewing it I made a few calls and came to the conclusion that it may be worthy of taking a chance.

It can be best described as unusual. It appears to be of a women having a baby with some type of helper in the catchers position. It is made out of some type of metal that a magnet will not stick to. There is some damage to it, the hands are both broken off and there are several small pieces either loose or missing. It has an aged patina, but also has weld marks on several of the limbs connecting them to the body. It came out of a very good area of Youngstown, and the owner claims that it was purchased from a museum and is in excess of 600 years old.

I think its newer. But I just couldn't resist it. Crazy? Probably. But I sent photo's off to a major auction house who specializes in these types of things. What do all of you think?

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  1. If it ends up being a piece of junk, you should try and convince Stephanie to put it in the bathroom as the new toilet paper roll holder.

    Really though... I'm interested in seeing what comes of this guy. Keep us updated!