Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Dog in the House

That's right, a new dog. Ekho is her name, a 15 week old rescued Boston Terrier. Directly from Daisey Hill Puppy Farm, Ekho was destined for the water bucket. Apparently she had a nasty case of kennel cough and the local pet stores did not want to deal with it. So the local animal rescue, A Place Fur Paws, stepped in and gave her a new lease on life.

Stephanie is an avid proponent of dog rescues. As soon as she saw this little pup there was no doubt about what was going to happen next, she was coming to our home. The only problem, Gus.

Gus has been the best dog that anyone could ever want. For the last 8 years he has been a constant companion, loyal to a fault and one of the best behaved dogs that I have ever known. We just were not sure about how he was going to react to another full time dog in the house. So far, outside of a couple of short "doggy" discussions about dinner and sleeping etiquette (see Gus whispering in her ear), everything has been fine. Gus will continue to make routine treks with me to auctions, garage sales and appraisals, Ekho will protect the home front from all manner of evil.

So look out world, when you see some partially (alright completely) bald man with two Boston's walking up the driveway to your garage sale, it will be someone other that me. One nutty dog on a trip out is enough.

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  1. She's soooo cute. And I'm willing to bet you'll change your tune about taking two Bostons out at once. I'll be on the lookout for you breaking your word.