Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank God for a Twelve Year Old

Thank God for a 12 year old. It took 6 weeks, a can of paint, a box of buttons and a ten dollar bill but someone finally took the television. It wasn't a grandma who was taking it for her cats to watch, it wasn't a mechanic looking for a TV for his workshop and it wasn't one of the astute dealers in the mall, it was a bored 12 year old. Today after being coerced by his parents go see the antiques in the mall a 12 year old did what no other could do, he looked at the price. The workers at the mall told me that he came up to the desk and asked if it was right, "Does the free TV really have a ten dollar bill on it?". When the answer came back as a resounding "Yes" he looked at his parent and asked the now obvious "Can I have it?", and out the door it went.

I am not sure that he was the first to see it, but he definitely was the first to react. Let this be a lesson to everyone, pay attention and look. My wife Stephanie definitely fits into this mode of thinking. She spends the time and digs through each and every box lot at the local auctions. Her patience with paying attention and looking at every single item usually results in handsome payoffs. I am fair at it. When I am by myself I am reasonably diligent. When I am with Stephanie she is the champion.

The ultimate moral of this storyline, pay attention to every single detail. Just like never knowing when a free item will show up at the local antique mall with a ten dollar bill attached to it, you will never know when a diamond ring will show up in a bottle of buttons. PS, always check out my booth at the Wizard of Odds 2, I might do this again!

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  1. You never know. Maybe the kid just thought it would make a nice accent piece in his pre-teen bedroom. That paint job and the buttons really made it something special.

    Either way, he's $10 richer and you both have a killer story to tell!

    I've got to admit though, I'm a LITTLE sad that the television saga is through. It had me on the edge of my seat... for the past 3 weeks!